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final: portfolio presentation

Target: Curate a collection of your own photographs that are unified by theme, style, mood, etcetera, and create a google presentation portfolio that includes both your work, and connects with creative "crushes" that inspire your own works.


Directions:  Create a slideshow that showcases a curated selection of your photographs from the semester. Think about this slideshow as a way for you to reflect on the work you have made and how you have developed as a photographer. Think about what felt right, what you are proud of and what photos represent you and your views as a photographer.

1. You will choose 3-5 photos that touch on one of the following themes:

  • Photos you are most proud of

  • A theme (recurring subject, color, mood) that you were exploring during the semester (this could be reflecting back or something you were actively pursuing)

  • Photos that represent the type of work that feels like you, that you plan on further developing in your future photography

2. Thoughtful titles and captions for each of the photos you choose that reflect on why the photo fits into the theme you have selected. Feel free to get

creative with this. You are the photographer/artist, let us know about your choices, interests, developing aesthetics etc.

3. Creative Crushes: Photographers, musicians or artists that inspire you. Include 3 creative crushes whose work inspires you.

  • For each of the creative crushes include specific work that inspire you, some words about the artist and their work (could be background: cultural, schooling, etc., something unique or interesting you read about them) and where we can find their work (website, instagram handle). A sentence that connects your work to theirs. 

  • Add images, video clips, sound clips.

4.   Artist Statement: Open with a descriptive hook (something that will lure us into your work). Explain and describe your body of work  including some of the following: theme, mood, concept, color scheme, editing, etc. What does this body of work mean to you? How do you want others to feel, react, or respond to your work when viewing it?



  • Be honest. Be you.

  • Try to capture your own voice.

  • Avoid repetition. Look for sentences that say the same thing before, but in a different way and choose the better of the two.

  • Find a google slides template that you can adapt for a polished visual presentation of your work (

  • Thoughtfully choose your colors schemes, fonts, backgrounds and other design elements to unify and and individualize your gallery of work. No straight out of google slides unedited standard templates please. Find one that you can personalize. Find one that lends itself to your ideas.

Your presentation should visually match your ideas. Don't use the obvious stock templates. Try something like:

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