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assignment 5: life portraiture

Target: Approach photography with the eye of a photojournalist. Notice beauty and compelling imagery in every day moments.  Make meaning with your images.  Shoot a set of candid or environmental portraits that give us a glimpse beyond the surface, to something meaningful about the people in the images.  


Directions:  Take a variety of candid or environmental portraits of people who are united in some way (family, club, team, go to Sunset, friends, etc.), creating a set of 4-6 of your best paired with meaningful captions.  Create candid and/or environmental images that tell something about the person, something beyond the surface appearance.  Consider your composition, making thoughtful decisions about the arrangement of subject, balance, lack of distractions, lighting, bokeh, and general feeling of the image.  Talk to, interview, the person with the goal of finding the right quote or title to pair with the image.  Images should have a quote, story, or meaningful title derived from your conversations/interviews.



  • consider the background/location, consider using the rule of thirds or leading lines

  • use either a zoom or a prime lens set to a low f-stop to create a shallow depth of field focussing on some aspect of the person

  • shoot from different points of view, focus on what is unique & beautiful


Inspiration: HONY

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