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Target: This guided websearch will help us form a common vocabulary as we start to explore the various aspects of digital photography.


Directions: Research the answers to the questions on the attached worksheet, and write them in your own words, by hand.  Turn-in to Mrs. Rozendaal and then submit your Photo Crush in Canvas.

Photo Crush: Search the web for a photographer whose work you admire, and would love to be able to capture images like. Screen shot (shift-command-4) 3 images, upload in Canvas, and type up the photographers name, source for finding their images (website, instagrame handle, etc.) and what it is about their work that you find compelling in the comments box. Hint: A good starting place would be the Be Inspired page on this website.

Reminders: Pay your $25 fee at the business office and get your permission slip signed and returned.

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