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assignment 9:  photography & typography

Target: Approach photography as a creative and artistic outlet, creating digital art from your photograph.

Pair a quote with a photographic image, and font choice, overlays, colors, fades, etc. to create an image that visually portrays a message. This will be a kind of logo for your photography, and will be the cover for your final artist portfolio.  


Directions:  Choose a quote  (your own, from a song, from the Bible, from a poem, and author, inspirational etc.) and pair it with one or more of your own photographs to create an image with  meaning.  


Think through your entire concept.  Consider using multiple font types and sizes, a color scheme, other graphic elements such as geometric shape overlays, using typography as a clipping mask, adjusting the opacity, etc.  In order to create a sophisticated digital art image, integrating typography, you will need to integrate multiple layers of text, overlays, clipping masks, and color or other creative adjustments.  



  • you will do this work in Photoshop 

  • hand drawn elements can be done on the Ipad Pros

  • use fonts from a site like 

  • consider adding other graphic elements such as shape overlays, lines, fades, decorative design, etc.

  • try different fonts and font sizes

  • decide the mood/emotion you intend to portray​

  • the colors will impact the mood so consider changing the tones and colors in photoshop

  • what do you want to say?


Society 6 Typography/Photography


Pinterest Typography/Photography

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