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writing captions


Target: Respond and connect to works of art through reflection and language.



  • Describe the parts of the image that you find compelling.  What do you like about the image and why? Use descriptive adjectives, and don’t tell us something that is obvious.

  • What did you do to take this photo? What did you do with the camera (settings, lenses, lighting, etc.)? Did you try multiple things (different angles, lighting, time of day, etc.)?  Was there a certain concept you were going for? How did you make the picture unique? This is your chance to give me additional evidence of your creative process.

  • Stretch yourself to consider and explain the mood, emotion, and or story of the image.

This photo was another last minute photo that actual has become one of my favorites. For this photo I wanted to create a simple, yet dramatic photo. I had the idea of taking a photo of my lips but I wanted to make it more intense. All I did was fill in my lips with black eyeliner to make them really dark. I knew I was going to turn the photo to black and white so I thought that the black lips would look cool. It was so late at night that there was no natural light I would use. I ended up putting my camera on a tripod, turning the flash off and holding my iPhone flashlight up to my face to get this photo. I think using the unnatural light made the photo more intense which makes the composition better. To edit this photo I just made it black and white. Just the black and white filter made the photo so interesting so I decided not to edit it anymore. This photo turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, dramatic yet extremely simple.

This was one of the first pictures I took for the shutter speed unit. I had seen some ideas on Pinterest a long time ago but I didn't know what it was talking about until we learned about shutter speed. The original idea was to use sparklers, but I didn't have any so I just used two mini-flashlights. I had my brother stand perfectly still while I set the camera up for a shutter speed of 4 seconds. I had the exchange student start running/jumping around my brother while holding the flashlights just before I took the picture to make sure I captured as much as possible. Most of the photos came out with some of my exchange student visible, but in this one, he moved enough to avoid being in the picture. I really like this picture because the light is painted on my brother's face and the light behind him really draws your eye to his face, the focus of the photo. I didn't do much to this photo in photoshop; I just darkened the shadows behind him to emphasize the light. I also like his shirt because the word Portland is so visible. It allows the viewer (whether they live in Portland or not) to think about the city. When I turned this photo in for the Scholastic Art Competition I called it "Portland Lights" because when I think of Portland, I think of downtown at night with all the lights and the lights behind Paul and his shirt remind me of that.

I used slow shutter speed as a way to make it appear as if there was two Leah's. The exposure time was set for 4 seconds, after two seconds of standing on Ryan's right she quickly ran behind his back and stood on the left. What I like most about this photo is that on one side Leah is smiling and on the other she isn't. I related this to the stereotypical devil and angel on the shoulders.

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