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assignment 5: shutter speed

Target: Learn to manipulate images by adjusting shutter speed in shutter priority mode on a digital camera.


Directions:  Take images which demonstrate your understanding of how to use both slow and fast shutter speed.  Turn in your best two examples of each, 4 photos in total.


  • use the sec slider under PRO to set your shutter speed, for slow shutter speeds under 1/2 second use the Slow Shutter Cam app

  • increase & decrease shutter speeds in the same situation to understand the concept and control 

  • try using 1/25 or slower (slow shutter speed) to show the moving subject as blurry or transparent  hint: darker location may work best

  • try using 1/125 or faster (fast shutter speed) to freeze your subject in motion   hint: bright/outdoor locations may work best 

Shutter Speed is the amount of time that the shutter remains open to allow light to reach the digital camera sensor.  It is measured in seconds or fractions of seconds.  


10          5     1     1/4     1/6     1/8     1/10     1/20     1/25     1/40     1/60     1/125     1/250     1/320     1/500 

Shutter is open longer, letting more                                                                                 Shutter is open for a short time, letting 

light in, and causing movements to blur.                                                                           less light in, and freezing motion.


Lightroom Tools


For every image remember to:

  • Crop to the image to perfect your composition, level any horizontals, and choose the best aspect ratio for your composition.

  • Edit using the Light filter sliders for exposure, contrast, shadows & highlights, and others of your choice to get the best possible effect.

  • Edit using the Color & Effects filter sliders to impact the mood of your image

Slow Shutter Cam Tools


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