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Scholastic Art Awards

Scholastic Art Awards

Founded in 1923, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the most prestigious recognition and scholarship program for creative teens. 

Why Enter:

  • Take a risk, engage with the world.

  • A Scholastic Award will be recognized and respected by universities and workplaces for depth and breadth it represents in your experience and skills.

  • Winning is fun. So fun. The show of all regional Gold Key Winners will be at PNCA in the Pearl District in February. 

  • There is no risk. If you don't win, who cares. It was probably just weird judges. ;)

Important Reminder 2018:

  • All submissions need to be complete by December 14.

  • You can pay online through paypal, or write your check to Sunset High School and take it to the business office for "Scholastic Submissions"

  • Give all of your printed and signed submission forms to Rozendaal. She will sign and submit them all at once.

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