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lesson 2: photography concepts booklet

Target: Review and enhance your understanding of the key concepts of photography by visually representing them in a labelled and nicely made booklet. 


Directions: Find and cut-out images that demonstrate the key concepts of photography.  Use the worksheet from lesson 1 to guide your collection and creation of a booklet of photo examples of the following (you may work with partners):

  1. atleast 3 different types of light: soft, hard, side, back, colored, flash

  2. 1 each shallow and deep depth of field

  3. 1 each a photo taken with fast shutter speed and one with slow shutter speed

  4. an image clearly manipulated in photoshop

  5. An image edited for mood/style

  6. atleast 3 examples of different types of portraiture: formal, candid, environmental

  7. 1 each image shot with natural light and with artificial light

  8. at least 3 examples of composition: leading lines, rule of thirds, repetition, color emphasis

Reminders: Pay your $25 fee at the business office and get your permission slip signed and returned.

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