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Apollo Yearbook Information

 Yes, we will have a 2021 Yearbook. 

Considering the unusual and unpredictable nature of the 2020-2021 school year, we will need your help more than ever before. Please share any story ideas you might have with us at What are Sunset students doing to get through, to have fun, to make the world a better place?

The Apollo Yearbook is ever so  happy to accept your personal submissions for inclusion in the 2020-2021

Yearbook. Share your life: doing "school," with your pets, adventures, covid safe fun, friendship, etc. It can be done through an app (Yearbook Snap) or website (

Did you miss picture day this past August? We want you in the yearbook of course. You matter. Please use the button above for instructions on how to submit. The deadline is January 31st for portraits. Check the documents below to ensure your picture is in the book (as of Jan. 8), and to check for any errors.

The Apollo Yearbook is a student publication. Our goal as student journalists is to encapsulate a year's collection of stories that represent the experiences of our Sunset community. While our yearbook staff strives to represent every unique story, with well over 2,000 students, this proves an impossible task. With that being said, we hope that ever individual will find stories they connect with.

Despite the countless hours put into every book, there will be mistakes. We sincerely apologize for every misquote, mistaken identity and egregious grammar crime that may have been committed; never has an error been intentional.

Purchase your yearbook for $60 online through at the Apollo Webstore accessed through Parentvue on Canvas.


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Senior Photo Submission -    Deadline Thursday Dec. 31 

The Apollo Yearbook is happy to accept your personal submissions for senior photos for the 2020-2021

Yearbook. If you do not submit a photo, the school photos will be used. Click the button for a pdf of the guidelines.

Check here in January 2021 to see what photo we have for you in the yearbook, and to verify that we have included your submitted photo.

Baby & Friendship Ad Submission (Personal Ads) - Deadline Thursday Dec. 31

The Apollo Yearbook is happy to sell & include personal ads in celebration of seniors. Customers will pay for and create their own ads online, allowing for complete oversight of the ad content. Simply go to and type in the school name, and the system will guide you step by step. 

Note on Technical Difficulties: 

If you run into problems with the link to create an ad not showing on the yearbook forever page, it may be any pop-up blockers you have on your computer. Most often, this happens when attempting to create an ad from the workplace, where computers may have more blocking software set up. Try a different browser, from home, and/or unblock pop-ups, and this should solve the problem.

SHS Student & Alumn. Senior Photographers

The Apollo Yearbook Staff believes that every student should have the opportunity to have a senior picture taken. We have alumni and current student photographers who offer professional senior session at highly affordable rates. Below is a list with contact information. 

Kezia Setyawan | 2016 Graduate |

Ethan Uehara | 2017 Graduate | 

Gillian George | 2017 Graduate |

Vania Hernandez | 2019 Graduate |

Anna Kim | 2019 Graduate |​


Mid. January you will find posted here the senior photos that will be published in the yearbook as submitted. If you only see your regular school picture, we have not received the senior photo of your choice. 

Recommended Professional Senior Photographers

Kirsti Holley Photography | | Local | Sunset Parent | Professional | Fun

Fritz Liedtke| | Local