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Target: This worksheet will help you to review our common vocabulary, and knowledge of concepts, as we move into refining individual photography skills and styles.  It will also help Mrs. Rozendaal to assess your level of prior knowledge in the technical areas of digital photography, and design the class to meet your goals. 


Directions: Answer the questions on the attached worksheet in your own words. This is not a test; it is okay if you do not know an answer. Only answer what you know in your head, you can discuss with neighbors, but do not use the internet to search for the answers. 


Photo Crush: Submit both the completed worksheet and at least 3 photos from a photographer that you admire in Canvas for your first assignment. Choose photos that you will work toward shooting similar images yourself this semester, screenshot them (shift-command-4) and use the comments box to cite the source of your images, and describe what it is that you love about the photos.  


Turn-in to Mrs. Rozendaal in Canvas by the end of the second class.

Reminders: Pay your $25 fee at the business office and get your permission slip signed and returned.

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