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Target: Take photos that capture different types of light, and to gain familiarity with the digital camera.


Directions:  Take pictures representing the 7 different types of light introduced in lesson #3 (hard light, soft light, side light, back light, colored light, flash lighting, and textured/patterned light).  Turn in the best photograph for each.  Criteria for this project include: correct type of photos, in focus, adjusted size and crop, and composition (the arrangement and thoughtful placement of subject matter, overall visual balance, pleasing to look at, no distractions), and creativity.


Tips: Don't forget to utilize the composition tools you learned in lesson 2.  

assignment 4: photographing light


Directional or reflected light can create strong interest. Try capturing or creating interesting shadows or reflections to shoot.

Lightroom Tools


For every image remember to:

  • Crop to the image to perfect your composition, level any horizontals, and choose the best aspect ratio for your composition.

  • Edit using the Light filter sliders for exposure, contrast, shadows & highlights, and others of your choice to get the best possible effect.

  • Edit using the Color & Effects filter sliders to impact the mood of your image


black and white: Try adjusting your image to black and white, especially with hard light, to see if that makes the image more compelling. 


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