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assignment 7: aperture, depth of field, and macros

Target: Learn to manipulate images by adjusting the aperture in aperture priority mode (you set the f-stop, and the camera sets the shutter speed) on a digital camera.


Directions:  Take images which demonstrate your understanding of aperture settings and depth of field, with a focus on taking macro photos.  Turn in your best three examples of an image with a shallow depth of field. 

  • find the macro setting on your camera

  • consider your composition, making thoughtful decisions

      about the arrangement of subject matter, balance, lack 

      distractions, and general feeling of the image



  • food, nature, body, pets, and toys make great subject matter

  • focus on creativity (try unusual combinations, tell a story, solve problems, create something unique)


Aperture is the opening between the lens and the shutter that controls the amount of light falling on the sensor.  It is also referred to as f-stops. 














Depth of Field is the zone between the nearest and furthest points

at which the camera can obtain a sharp focus.


Shallow Depth of Field = large aperture, small f-stop                 

Maximum Depth of Field =  small aperture, large f-stop







Macro Photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than live size. 



                      Use the Macro function to achieve a shallow depth of field

                      by choosing aperture priority and macro on your camera.  

                      Make sure that you are in good lighting and get very close

                      to your subject.




Lightroom Tools


In Camera Mode:

  • Use the manual focus slider under pro to choose your depth of field.

For every image remember to:

  • Crop to the image to perfect your composition, level any horizontals, and choose the best aspect ratio for your composition.

  • Edit using the Light filter sliders for exposure, contrast, shadows & highlights, and others of your choice to get the best possible effect.

  • Edit using the Color & Effects filter sliders to impact the mood of your image


black and white: Try adjusting your image to black and white, especially with formal portraits, to see if that makes the image more compelling. 

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