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lesson 1: about you

Our first assignment will include both written and visual descriptions of yourself and what is important to you.  This assignment is meant to both give you ownership over your experience and success in Art 1, and to help me to know, understand, and support you as your teacher.


  • You will create a sketchbook, making it your own by creating a collaged cover, both unique and demonstrative of something about yourself. Your first assignment within the sketchbook will be to answer the following questions:

  • What's your name, and/or the name you preferred to be called by?

  • Tell me about the family you live with.  Who? Where? Social,Cultural, Racial Identity?

  • What year are you in school?

  • Tell me about what you love.

  • Tell me about what you don't like, what upsets you, makes you mad, is a pet peeve, etc.

  • Tell me about what you know about yourself as a learner. (Examples: I learn best when - I hear it, I see it, I read it, I do it, I can apply my own ideas, there are defined expectations about what it should look and be like, I am free to make my own decisions, the subjects I like best are, etc.)

  • Why did you choose to enroll in this class.  What do you expect to learn?  What grade are you expecting/hoping to earn?

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