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assignment 5: color

Target: Learn to see, frame, shoot, and manipulate color in your images.


Directions:  Take images which demonstrate your eye for and understanding of color in harmony and contrast. Turn

in examples of images where color is the subject including a minimum of 1 each for: color contrast/complimentary

colors, repetition, and monochromatic colors. 


  • consider your composition, making thoughtful decisions

      about the arrangement of subject matter, balance, lack of 

      distractions, and general feeling of the image



  • cropping/zooming in on a mundance subject can provide a compelling pallette

  • focus on creativity (try unusual combinations, tell a story, solve problems, create something unique)

  • watch for interesting color combinations that happen naturally




Complimentary Colors are colors that when placed next to each other, create the strongest contrast and reinforce each other, enhancing the vibrance of each.


Monochromatic is defined as an object or image whose range of color consists of shades of a single color or hue.


Repetition refers to repeating a certain size, or shape or color you which adds strength to the overall image. Repetition is a basic concept in the world of art. If you want to make a statement, you repeat certain elements again and again. If you repeat something once or twice it becomes more interesting. If you repeat something many times it becomes a pattern and takes on a life of its own. Patterns give us order in an otherwise chaotic world.





Madison HS Color Gallery

Monochromatic Color Dominance

Complimentary Colors

photoshop skills

For every image remember to:

  • Adjust the levels - equalize the histogram (apple+L)

  • Crop to the image size to choose your content and composition, and to straighten horizons

  • Change the image size to approximately 11x17 (apple+option+I)

  • Set the resolution to 300 dpi



Black and White Adjustments: You can use either the settings in your camera to shoot or apply a black and white or sepia effect on your images.  Please turn in atleast 1 black and white image for this assignment.



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