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assignment 8:  double exposure portraiture

Target: Approach photography as a creative and artistic outlet. Notice beauty, content, and compelling imagery as a means of creating meaning.  Combine a simple studio self-portrait with other imagery in PS6, to show something meaningful about yourself.  


Directions:  Work with the timer, remote, or a partner to shoot a variety of self-portraits in the studio.  Try full profiles, different angles, looking at and away from the camera, etc.  using a plain white background.  Then find a second and perhaps third image to combine with your self-portrait in Photoshop.  Consider the composition of the images you add (rotation, sizing, moving around, etc.), making thoughtful decisions about the arrangement of subject, balance, lack of distractions, lighting, bokeh, and general feeling of the image.  



  • look for images that have interesting texture, lighting, etc. to combine with your portrait

  • consider working in black and white

  • choose an image with content that speaks to you personally

  • consider rotating your images for effect

  • decide the mood/emotion you intend to portray

  • what do you want to say about yourself?


Matt Wisniewski

Double Exposure Tutorial 

DE Tutorial #2

Aneta Ivanova Gallery

Aneta Ivanova Tutorial

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