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lesson 3: investigating line

Line is defined as a mark that spans a distance between two points (or the path of a moving point), taking any form along the way. As an art element, line pertains to the use of various marks, outlines and implied lines in artwork and design, most often used to define shape in two-dimensional work. Implied line is the path that the viewer's eye takes as it follows shapes, colors, and form along a path, but may not be continuous or physically connected, such as the line created by a dancer's arms, torso, and legs when performing an arabesque. Line is an element of art that is simplest, most ancient, and most universal means for creating visual arts.


We will extending our artist's experience of line, utilizing different types of line for different effects.  This will include some dabbling with gesture drawing, and then a transition from the pen and pencil to ink and brush.


You can look forward to:

  • using the right side of your brain like never before

  • adventures in portraiture

  • moving from the control of the pencil to the freedom of ink

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